Safety and Quality Assurance


Fenner Conveyor Belting meets the safety requirements of all the major mining nations and has been tested and/or approved by the appropriate national authorities including:

Country Applicable standard
Australia AS 4606
Belarus MI 600024712.001-2007
Canada CSA M422-M12
China MT914
Czech Republic CS EN 14973 C1
Germany DIN EN 14973 C2
India IS3181
Italy UNI EN 14973 C1
Norway NS EN 14973 C1
Poland PN EN 14973 C1 + PN-93-05013
Portugal IPQ EN 14973 C1
South Africa SABS 971
Spain UNE EN 14973 C1
Russia PD03-423-01
Turkey TS EN 14973 C1
UK BS EN 14973 C1
Ukraine GSTU 12.0018579.001-99
USA MSHA Title 30 Part 14 & MSHA 2G

Fenner Conveyor Belting conveyor belt can be formulated to comply with the proposed fire propagation test outlined in the MSHA publication, Belt Evaluation Laboratory Test.

Fenner belt complies with the requirements of the ATEX Equipment Directive 2014/34/EU Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Quality Assurance

In accordance with the requirements of our major customers, the planning, design, manufacture and quality control procedures of Fenner Europe have been assessed and are approved to Specification ISO 9001:2015, the International Standard for official approval of a manufacturer’s quality system.

The system approved under the above standard has been accepted by the USA Mines Safety and Health Commission, and a similar assessment of Fenner has been carried out by the Canadian Federal Energy Mines and Resources Department against the Canadian Standard CAN3Z299, 1-78 “Quality Assurance Programme Requirements” and by the Spanish LOM Authority.

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