The safest mining belts in the world

Fenner solid woven belts are used extensively in underground mines for the extraction of both thermal coal for the generation of power and coking coal, used for steel production for example.
For underground coal mines, especially for those operating in hazardous gaseous environments, the key focus has to be safety. This is where Fenner, the creators of the very first fire-resistant belting back in the 1950s, is the World leader. At Fenner, every belt that we produce has been specifically designed and engineered to meet the most stringent fire safety standards with full, independent, testing and certification in place. For example, to meet the requirements of EN14973 class C1 Drum Friction test the belt must part with the drum temperature below 325°C with no flame or glow present, something which is very difficult with a rubber ply belt. A key factor in achieving such high standards is our unique dipping/impregnation process, which ensures that PVC penetrates into the very centre of the belt, which is necessary to ensure ultimate safety. This also helps to protect the carcass from oils, moisture, and chemicals.
This is very different from the processes used by our competitors who do not achieve full internal impregnation of the carcass. Some of our competitors state compliance with certain fire safety standards, however, testing has shown this is not always the case.
In coal mines around the world, Fenner solid woven belts not only provide the best in reliability and performance, but they are also, without doubt, the safest belts that money can buy.