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Underground applications

Fenner PVC (FR)

Great for all types of industries, development, and extensible conveyors.

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Heavy-duty underground applications

Fenner PVG (FRSR)

Great for all types of industries, heavy-duty applications, trunk and drift conveyors with high tonnage and steep inclines.

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Above ground applications without fire retardant

Fenner SR

Great for all the above ground applications without fire resistance requirements.

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High Visibility Belting

High Visibility Belting

Certain applications require conveyor belts with special properties and our highly experienced in-house research and development team has developed a range of PVC compounds, all of which are available with fire-resistant properties.

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Fenaplast with yellow high visibility cover


Bucket Elevator

Fenner PVC Elevator Belts provide outstanding reliability, durability, oil and fire resistance, utilising our solid woven carcass design that has been at the forefront of our market-leading range for over 60 years.

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Various applications

The Fenner solid woven conveyor belt range is the preferred choice throughout much of the global mining industry and other industrial applications in which damage and impact resistance, in combination with premium fire resistance and anti-static properties, are key criteria in the selection of conveyor belting.



Fenner Conveyor Belting

Legendary Quality

Fenner Conveyor Belting

Fenner Conveyor Belting is a member of Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Belting Group, the world's leading manufacturer of conveyor belting for mining and industrial applications.

Our Customer Service

Technical Support

Fenner's commitment to our customers does not begin or end with the sale of a high-quality belt. We provide a range of services in addition to this including belt calculations, belt inspections, belt installations and field services. We also have an extensive range of in-house testing and R&D equipment that can be utilised to ensure that our conveyor belts continue to meet the most stringent of quality and safety requirements.